Non-Profit Organizations

Having an effective web presence is absolutely essential for any non-profit organization!  An effective website is essential for maintaining credibility, recruiting volunteers, developing a donor base, and engaging constituents. 

We understand that non profit organizations are run by a board.  Beyond that, the structure of each non profit is unique.  Non profits can be run by fully paid staff, volunteers, committees, members, or any combination of those.  Based on our nearly 20 years of working with non profit organizations, we understand that the director, volunteers, and staff must be equally engaged with the board in developing a web presence.  Our process focuses on facilitating planning meetings with those involved at all levels of the non profit organization.  After soliciting initial feedback, we present some initial ideas and get more feedback from the group.  We then work through program by program or section by section with those managing those areas and affected most so we can make sure we are incorporating their ideas into the website development process.  Because of the involvement of a wide range of constituents in the web development process, when the website is launched, we always see a high degree of buy in throughout the organization.  This insures the success of that website and helps to move the organization to achieve its goals online that are outlined in its strategic plan.

We embrace the complexity and take the time to build relationships at every level of the organization so we can best support the organization moving through a project.  We provide the stability of a professional company so as volunteers or staff members change, we can step in on a temporary or permanent basis to keep the website active and updated.  We can continually train new volunteers or staff who maybe interested in maintaining the website and we can insure that no one gets locked out of their website as staff or volunteers choose to move on from the organization.

We can provide the creative expertise to match your brand, the technical expertise to develop the website, and the marketing prowess to promote your organization and its programs online.  We look to build long term relationships with our non profit clients.

We would be happy to meet with a committee, board, or representative of your non profit organization to see how our process might be a good fit for your organization's website development project.  We can work with you to develop an initial proposal and we would be happy to present it at a committee or board meeting as needed.

We work with small local clubs to large scale national organizations.  Contact us today for your complimentary consultation with your organization.  248-625-0817 or



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