Website & Mobile Design

At IGD Solutions, we follow a careful process with our clients for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our process ensures that our clients:

  •  Know what they need in a website and why
  •  Know how to maintain and manage their website
  •  Know how to promote and optimize their website


Our process has 10 purposeful steps to take each project from headspace to cyberspace:

  1. Initial discovery and brainstorming - we take the time to clarify why you need a website, how the website will work within your marketing goals, and what your website will need to achieve what you need it to achieve
  2. Proposal presentation - we present your itemized proposal step by step and offer options and alternate ideas to make sure we meet your goals and your budget
  3. Interactive design process - working with your vision and your branding, together we create the “look and feel” of your website
  4. Building the website - the navigation, structure and overall design is built by our expert programmers
  5. Placement of content and images - using your copy and images or our team of copy writers and designers we populate your website with meaningful content
  6. Final review and tweaking - before going live we make sure the message is clear, the design is right, and words are spelled correctly
  7. Training - we train each client on everything they need to use their website whether it’s recognizing contact forms sent from the site or updating website content through a content management systems
  8. Hosting and maintenance - your website needs to be available and accessible when your prospects come looking for you, we make sure it is
  9. Tweaks and changes - after a few weeks you may receive some feedback on your site, we will be there to make adjustments as needed
  10. Website marketing, search engine optimization, lead generation - “If you build it, they will come” might be true for baseball diamonds, but a website needs a little push in order to be found, we have the tools and expertise to bring the crowd to you


These 10 steps ensure that we create a website that is a useful and powerful marketing tool, and that you know how to use it and maintain it.



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