ADA Compliance & Accessibility




Web Accessibility is a set of rules, behaviors, code standards and design guidelines
that are meant to allow people with disabilities to effectively use websites.



There are Legal Implications
if People with Disabilities Cannot Access Your Website

Litigation: Web Accessibility and ADA Compliance

  • 200% increase in lawsuits and demand letters from 2017 to 2018
  • DOJ affirms ADA applies to websites since November 2018
  • 2019 tripled 2018 in papers served
  • Over 150,000 demand letters served to businesses since 2017
  • 93% of demand letters settle outside of court for $20,000 –$150,000 on average
  • 7% of businesses fight and lose in court

How IGD Solutions Can Help

Web accessibility is now automatic, simple, and affordable.

We have an automatic, A.l.-powered machine-learning web accessibility solution that complies with worldwide legislation and keeps websites compliant 24/7. Simple and easy installation. Up and running with 72 hours. This product provides the accessibility statement that we can include too.



FREE Website Accessibility Scan

Let us run a comprehensive scan on your website and deliver to you a report letting you know where your website meets compliance standards and where more work may be done.  This is completely FREE and has no obligation to it.  Please complete the form for your free scan delivered by email.

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