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Steve Hyer, President and Founder IGD Solutions

Steve Hyer has a great passion for helping others and making the community and the world a better place to live and raise a family. Steve is originally from New Jersey and came to Michigan in 1992. He graduated from Clarkston High School and then went on to graduate from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

IGD Solutions was founded by Steve in 1999 as an educational content company and that quickly transitioned in 2000 to a company that did website work for other companies just as the Internet and World Wide Web were becoming popular in the mainstream. Steve chose Clarkston, Michigan as the place to locate IGD Solutions because of the close knit, but yet still welcoming community.

Steve was elected to the Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education in 2001 and has served in every capacity including as President for 7 years. Steve has also served as the chairman for the Oakland County School Boards Association Legislative Committee and he has served on the Oakland County School Boards Association Board of Directors for a three year term. Steve received the prestigious Michigan Association of School Administrators Champion for Children Award in 2008. In 2009, an Honorary Life Membership in the Michigan Parent Teacher Association was bestowed upon Steve for his service on the Michigan PTA Board of Directors as their webmaster, Vice President of Children’s Advocacy, and ultimately Treasurer. In 2010, Steve received the Champion for Prevention Award from the Oakland County Alliance of Coalitions for Health Communities. Steve was also featured in the cover story of the American School Boards Journal for his advocacy work in 2011. In 2015, Steve received the President’s Award from the Michigan Association of School Boards for his ongoing learning, certification, and professional development as a school board member. Also in 2015, Steve was elected to the Michigan Association of School Boards Board of Directors where he continues to serve all Michigan Public Schools today.

FIRST Robotics is another passion of Steve’s as he has been a volunteer mentor since 2007. Steve engineered the entrepreneurial component of the Team RUSH Regatta that has consistently raised more than $30K annually to help fund Team RUSH’s operations. Steve also worked with the students to develop and execute the Chairman’s Presentation ultimately winning the World Chairman’s Award and landing Team RUSH and Clarkston Community Schools in the FIRST Robotics Hall of Fame. Steve developed and runs the FIRST National Advocacy Conference annually in June to train hundreds of robotics students from around the country in Washington, DC to send them to Capitol Hill to advocate on behalf of STEM Education and FIRST Robotics. Because of these efforts, state advocacy efforts have sprung up to provide state funds to underprivileged schools so they can experience what FIRST Robotics and STEM education has to offer.

Under Steve’s leadership, IGD Solutions has diversified its offerings, gone through four successful acquisitions, and reached and maintained profitability. Steve has always stressed the importance of speaking plain English and relating everything we do as a company back to the business benefit of our customer. Always putting the customer first and truly taking care of our customers’ needs allowed us to grow a very large and successful base of long term customers.

Being involved in the community is something that is automatic for Steve. He has served 9 years on the Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He is a charter member of the Clarkston Area Lions Club and he has served as President numerous times since 2000 in the Clarkston Local Business Network.

Steve provides the visionary leadership and big picture corporate direction for IGD Solutions. Steve’s management philosophy is to bring on good people and let them do their jobs. Steve is excited to see IGD Solutions continue to grow year after year!



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Anthony Angel, Director of Business Development

Anthony is uniquely qualified to lead, direct and build business, with over 30 years of combined sales and management experience.

Anthony brings a wealth of experience to IGD Solutions both as an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. His initial marketing, sales and sales management experience came from a 20-year position as the National Sales Director for a privately held cardiology equipment and supply company, during this time Anthony and his wife owned a small business in Rochester Hills, which they ran for 10 years. Anthony moved on to be the Internet and Business Development Manager for several automotive dealers including BMW, Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Saturn, and Toyota, gaining more than10 years of expertise in digital marketing, website development and management. After reaching phenomenal levels of success at these companies, Anthony joined the executive team at IGD Solutions where he enjoys his role as Director of Business Development.

Anthony is also a 3rd degree Knight with the Knights of Columbus council 5436 at Waterford Our Lady of the Lakes Church and is a member in the Clarkston, Rochester and Waterford Area Chambers of Commerce.

Anthony has been a Clarkston, Michigan resident for more than 20 years where he lives with his wife Andrea and their three sons.



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William Evans, Vice President of Operations

William Evans has had an enthusiastic interest in computers his entire life. William was introduced to computers at age five and he never looked back. By age 8, William was already writing computer programs and teaching his computer to play chess. In high school, William was involved in multiple programming competitions winning numerous awards and received college credit for his accomplishments. William continued in his passion for computers while attending Oakland University.

Upon entering the workforce, William worked with multiple companies first in tech support roles and then into programming. Even off the clock, William was the go-to guy if you had computer problems. He enjoyed troubleshooting the problems that were presented to him while his friends and family loved him for his patience as he helped others with their computers. To this day his friends and family prefer to call on his help rather than go to a “genius bar” or “geek squad”. He does it to help, because he loves computers, and sometimes for a nice dinner!

Before becoming IGD’s Vice President of Operations, William worked in every capacity and role IGD has. In 2002, William started as a part time employee at IGD taking care of all the filing. By 2004 William joined IGD in a full time, permanent capacity answering tech support calls and developing websites. Over the years he has served IGD in countless ways. In one capacity or another he has dipped his toe in and in some cases fully managed every operation including: accounting, tech support, web development, design, sales, business networking, project management, server management, search engine optimization, and more. Today William works hard to oversee the IGD team, direct the technologies we use to develop, maintain and host websites, and manage the projects that are in the workflow. He is dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience.

Outside of computers and IGD, William’s greatest passions are for God and for his family. William is a leader in his church congregation spending many hours learning and sharing what he learns with the Church. William would not be who he is today without the support of his loving wife and four children. He loves attending his children’s many after school activities including track, band and choir concerts, robotics, and more. His most enjoyable moments are spent in the loving company of his family at home.



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Mary Hubble, Project Manager

Mary Hubble brings a unique perspective and skill set to the IGD Solutions team. With more than 20 years in project management, process improvement and organizational development, Mary's customer-based approach and commitment to excellence completes our well-rounded team. 
Overseeing the process from the creative start through the end of development, Mary communicates without technical jargon. She identifies opportunities for improvement, ensures ease of use, and facilitates training so clients can manage their content. She takes full accountability for all stages of project management including delegated tasks.
Mary also has strong ties to our local community. Mary grew up in Clarkston and chose to return after college to raise her family here as well. She served for over a decade in elected PTA/PTO positions within Clarkston Community Schools and has coached both sideline and competitive cheer for 15 years. She works with teens within our community volunteering with non-profit organizations. Mary also works closely with the United States Marine Corps as a civilian liaison briefing families when their loved ones ship to Parris Island for boot camp; then, remains a mentor to families as their new Marines serve our country. 



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