SSL Certificates

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that confirms a website identity and allows for an encrypted connection between the end user and the website. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This is the digital component that allows for an https connection and will show the little padlock in a locked state in the browser window. SSL Certificates installed on a website keep criminals from capturing plain text information going over the internet between a user and a website.

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

If you are selling products and processing payments or you are collecting information that should be kept confidential (like Social Security Numbers, for example), you definitely need an SSL Certificate on your website. However, since Google started marking websites without an SSL Certificate as “Not Secure” in Chrome (the most widely used browser), it is now our recommendation that ALL websites have an SSL Certificate in place so customers never question the validity or security of your website.

Which SSL Certificate is right for you?


Positive DV SSL

True BusinessID OV SSL
Strong business level SSL

True BusinessID EV SSL
Maximum credibility and security

Positive DV Wildcard SSL
Encryption for all subdomains, in minutes

Price per year (USD)





Domain Ownership Validation

Organization Validation



Extensive Validation to Protect Your Brand




Number of Authentication Checks





Issuance Time

Most certificates issued in minutes

Most certificates issued in one day

Most certificates issued in 1-3 days

Most certificates issued in minutes


$500K USD

$1.25M USD

$1.5M USD

$500K USD

Contact Us To Learn Which Option Is Right For You

SSL Certificates can be confusing. It may be hard to know which may be the best for your application. We can ask you questions to understand what you want to accomplish and we can suggest the best option to balance your credibility, need for security, and appearance of being secure with your budget.

Give us a call at (248) 625-0817, and we can discuss what the right level of SSL Certificate for your organization and how we can help you and your organization remain secure, safe, and trustworthy to your clients.



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